Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas from the Sorensen's

This year has gone so quickly.  The kids are busy and I guess so are we.  We have been blessed throughout this year and pray the Lord continues to guide and direct us in our daily lives.

Last year I think I started with the youngest, so this year I'll start with the oldest.  Oh, that is me!  Yikes!  Well, my life has been good this year.  Health is a great thing and I am very grateful for it.  I am still staying busy with the kids activities as well as my own. :)
I work at least 16 hours a month to keep up my nursing license.  I love my job! 
I am also staying busy with the typical household jobs and activities that I enjoy (scrapbooking, bunco, etc), and also church callings.  I was called to be Primary President in May.  I am still adjusting and trying to do a good job.

Justin is doing well.  He's stayed healthy as well this year despite a little back issue last month.  He twisted a vertebrae in his back that required some PT.  He keeps busy with work and is doing a great job supporting us and making sure we have all that we need.  He is now working with the 11 year old scouts.  I wonder if he'll still be there when Tyler is 11. 

Tyler is now 9 and a half.  He enjoys reading, math and all sports.  He is very active and keeps us on our toes!  He played football, soccer and baseball this year.  He continues to do well in school and enjoys the EY (Excellence in Youth) program at school.  It challenges him a little more than the classroom.  He gets to do more difficult activities.  This past week he had the opportunity to participate in a spelling bee.  He was so excited.  This year was only practice, so hopefully he will be as excited next time.

Jenna is 7 and our "little hopper".  She is always moving...for those who have seen her when she is excited, she  jumps repeatedly and/or shakes her hands.  It's her way to show you that she is happy!  She loves animals and wants to be a vet.  She is also doing well in school and has finally figured out how to read quietly by herself.  I love when they discover that reading is fun!

Megan is the ruler of our home, even at 4 and a half.  She is a lot of fun and has the cutest personality.  She is always making us smile/laugh.  She loves her cousins and her friends and is constantly asking where we are going.  Preschool is fun too!  She loves to go.  Her favorite activity has been doing Perler Beads (We call them "melt-a-beads").  She does them daily and loves to take them to her teachers and friends. We have done so many this year that I decided to decorate our tree with them.  

With all that, I'll close this Christmas letter and hope you and yours is happy and healthy. 
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
With love, The Sorensen's


Jennie said...

Such a cute family! I'm glad everything is going well for all of you!! Miss you bunches and love you more!

Meredith said...

Melt-a-beads? Those sound fun! I'm glad you had a great year. :)

Jensen Family said...

What a cute family! I love the idea of having it on your blog I'm totally copying if that's ok! :)