Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Trouble

During our trip to Vala's at the beginning of the month, the kids each picked out a pumpkin. After the first 3 days, Megan's little pumpkin started to get nibbled on so we brought it in the house. The following week Jenna's pumpkin was split open and seeds scattered all over the steps. Then were dragged throughout my house.

This past Sunday I started watching the last pumpkin, Tyler's. The squirrels have eaten a hole in the bottom and one in the top. One squirrel was inside for quite some time and came out all wet.
There were about 4-5 squirrels taking turns and fighting for a turn inside the pumpkin. It was very interesting and very sad at the same time. Usually we carve pumpkins for Family Home Evening the week before Halloween. This year, we didn't have any pumpkins left to carve.

I was worried the kids would be upset because they were being eaten, but I guess they figured this was a fun way to "FEED THE SQUIRRELS".


This past weekend some friends and I were able to go to Deseret Book's "TIME OUT FOR WOMEN". It was a fantastic meeting. Not only did we get a day and a half out of the house, but we got to do it with friends and family to laugh and be uplifted.
If you ever get the chance to go, GO!! It was amazing.
The musical talent was out of this world. Jenny Oaks Baker was phenomenal. It was rumored that to see that kind of performance from her would have cost $200. She was amazing. Of course the name Kenneth Cope says it all. He was the main musical performer and he also gave his "ins and outs" to his songs. It was very spiritual. The last performer we had was Cherie Call. I had never heard any of her songs, but she was excellent too.
There were several speakers as well. First off was:
Ardeth Kapp
She spoke to us Friday night. What an amazing woman. She talked about our communication with our Heavenly Father as well as our communication with others. Alma 7:11
CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES!! (by doing the following)
1. Thoughtfully ponder - listen to the spirit
2. Earnestly Pray - Talk in prayer
3. Carefully prune - What we make time for in our lives and what we can cut out.
4. Wisely Plan - plan with a purpose. "What do we want to have happen" It takes patience.
Saturday Morning:
Mary Ellen Edmunds
I have a soft place in my heart for her because she is a family friend. My favorite over all!!
She spoke about being a peacemaker in our relationships.
"The Prince of Peace is the only one who can heal our hearts".
Don't be contentious; it's the opposite of being a peacemaker.
Avoid contention - slow to act; slow to speak
"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me"
She has an amazing way of making you laugh one minute and cry the next.
Wendy Ulrich
Sin vs. Weakness
God is the author of weakness and Satan is the author of Sin. Our response from weakness should be humility.
PONDER - prayerfully
PRIORITIZE - which one to work on first
PRACTICE - Work at it.
PROP - ask for help from others.
Sin CAN be eliminated from our lives but Weakness CANNOT (in this life).
The rest of my notes were very scattered, but all the "presenters" were very good. It was a very uplifting meeting.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Future Pro Football Player

Tyler has developed a talent for Football. I think his life revolves around it. I really don't have to think about is an obsession. He always wants to watch it and instead of watching cartoons in the morning, he'll watch Sports Center to find out how the games went the previous night. He remembers stats, he knows how plays for who and what their records are. Amazing!! Here are a few pictures of his latest game. Of course I didn't have my camera out and ready on the first series of plays where he ran for a TOUCHDOWN!! Oh well!!
Tyler wants to play in the NFL some day, but worries about playing on Sunday's. I told him that we'll worry about that when the time comes.
Here he is trying to catch a pass and then pulling a flag. This particular game was one for the books. Mainly because it was win #1. We aren't quite sure why, but all the other teams seem to be twice the size of ours. The boys probably don't spend practice chasing bugs and ripping on anothers flags off.
Jenna and Megan are watching in amazement as another group of girls play on the track with an ample amount of "Build a Bear".

Monday, October 6, 2008

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Here we are at Vala's Pumpkin Patch. Justin's work has their Fall party here. We love it! There never seems to be enough time to accomplish all of the many fun activities. This year we decided to do more than we ever have before. I guess the fact that our kids are older and more tolerable of multiple activies helped. And there were NO STROLLERS to push. This picture was taken after roasting Hot Dogs over the fire and several s'mores. YUMMY :)

The Kids drove tractors.

We took a train ride all around the farm. Jenna got to toot the horn when we were all done. She thought that was pretty cool.

This year we discovered a "Trampoline". It was so much fun. The kids would have stayed there longer if we would have had time. There were two separate tramps. One for kids 1-6 and one for the older kids. I think the parents had as much fun as the kids did. I am sure we'll head here first next year.

This was my favorite...The Peddle Cars. You could ride up to four on a car. Justin took the girls and Tyler and I drove one. Well, Tyler handled the steering and I was the speed. Since my steering wheel was only for show, I decided to speed us up and try to catch up to Justin and the girls. I guess I should have taken into account my 8 year olds inexperience with driving. We hit the retaining wall as we turned a corner...oops!! We had a blast!

The Hayrack Ride

We met up with some friends who invited us to go with them on the Hayrack ride. This was some ride. It took us way up in the pumpkin fields. After lots of dust and bumps, we made it to the top. Here people can get out and pick their own pumpkin from the field. We came home with three big pumkins and three itty bitty ones. You can guess who picked those out... Megan.

In this picture: Tyler, Cory, Megan, Jenna and Kaylie

Sunday, October 5, 2008


8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. Grey's
3. CSI Las Vegas
4. CSI Miami
5. CSI New York
6. Biggest Loser
8. Rachael Ray

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. I worked
2. Went to Tyler's soccer game
3. Cleaned my kitchen
4. Put laundry away
5. Went to Tyler's soccer game
6. Finished a book
7. ordered Pizza
8. Played Foos ball

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. Olive Garden
2. Chilis
3. Subway
4. El Azteca
5. Cheesecake Factory
6. Chipotle
7. Stokes
8. Outback

8 Things I'm Looking forward to:
1. Christmas
2. Beating Justin at Foos ball
3. Time out for women (2 weeks)
4. losing 15 more pounds
5. cooler weather
6. Catching up on Scrapbooking
7. My kitchen remodel completed
8. Bunco

8 Things on My Wish List.
1. No more fighting between kids
2. To lose 15 more pounds :)
3. A new and bigger car
4. Fall
5. A clean house 24/7
6. My ironing to be done
7. Hawaii again
8. To see my family again soon

8 People I tag:
1. Jenn
2. Nancy
3. Laura
4. Jenny
5. Lindsay
6. Tysen
7. Kerolann
8. Megan