Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Megan's Preschool Graduation

Maplewood Preschool Graduation
May 14, 2010
Megan was so upset. She wouldn't put on her cap or go up and sing with her class. We tried to get her all excited days before. Having her sing her songs for us. Telling her how great she would do, but starting an hour before she was hysterically crying. (Could have been partly that she fell asleep and had a nap, which she usually doesn't do) I felt like I had to force her to get dressed, do her hair and get her in the car.
Her teachers, Deb and Vikki, knew she was having a hard time and when they got all the other kids positioned on the stage they noticed that Megan was not up there. Deb came and pulled her from me and had her go sit with her. Here Deb is telling her that she will not make her go up there, so they just sit and watch the kids sing. Then Deb tells her that maybe she could go up and get her piece of paper (Diploma) because that isn't scary.
She did it!! She's not wearing her cap, but she is up there participating. We were thrilled.
It's hard to believe our baby is done with Preschool and on to Kindergarten.
Good work Megan!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Megan is 5

I almost forgot to post pictures of Megan's 5th birthday!
Every year the kids get a very special birthday breakfast!
I can't believe she will start Kindergarten next year. What will I do with my day? No one to ask where we are going? And where after that? And after that? She is always in the know!
That made doing the Pinata a little difficult. I was scrambling at the last minute to clean out the garage so we could hang it by the garage door opener.
She was so excited to pick out what "toy" she could put on her cake. I was very relieved she decided on this because originally it was supposed to be a castle cake.
We upgraded Meg's bike too! She was riding around, on two wheels, on a little bike. She needed this one since she has really grown. She is almost as tall as Jenna!!

We love you Meg! You are so much fun to have around. You keep us busy and laughing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Elementary Honor Society

Tyler was inducted in to the National Elementary Honor Society on May 4, 2010. This is the first of this type of program for our district in the Elementary schools.
Tyler and Justin (his mentor) holding his certificate and showing his medal.
Membership demonstrates outstanding Scholarship and Responsibility and a commitment to excellence in Leadership and Service.

The National Honor Society Pledge
As a member of the National Elementary Honor Society I pledge to:
Be a strong student, achieving the most from my education;
Demonstrate Responsibility, showing enthusiasm and working hard in all that I do;
Learn the skills of Leadership, practicing them in all aspects of my life;
Be of Service to my school and community, showing that I care;
And be a role model for my peers, helping us all to achieve our best.

Great job Tyler!! We are so proud of you.