Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

In our Easter outfits! I bought Tyler new blue pants, but they were too small.
I sure wish he'd stop growing. He is sporting a new tie (not a clip).
The "goods" the Easter Bunny brought! They were each set up with their own Jump Rope, a book of sorts (Tyler got Diary of a Wimpy kid and the girls got coloring books), candy and a little stuffed animal. They just can't seem to get enough of them.We hid eggs for the kids in the backyard. Basically because there is more room and we thought it would be harder for them to find.
Dinner was at Jammie and Daniel's instead of Grandmas because of her broken arm. :(
Jammie did a great job with dinner and getting all 144 eggs stuffed and hidden. Minus the 7 we couldn't find. We are pretty sure the squirrels took off with them. We found an egg in the neighbors yard all broken. Thieves!!
All the cousins after we have found the eggs. Such fun!
Ian, Brandon, Megan, Jenna, Mya, Andrew and Tyler.

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Today is Tyler's 10th birthday.
All he wanted to do was invite his friends over for a football game.
So, we invited 9 friends and had a PARTY!
After cake and ice cream the boys went in the backyard and played football. At half-time they came in for presents and a Pinata. The second half was not as eventful. I think they were tuckered out. It was the easiest party to plan and carry out. Plus, there was NOT any screaming or fighting. Tyler is in the back on the right getting in on the fun!

A few days later we had the family party. Here is the cake Tyler helped me make. At first he wanted a cake with C3P0 on it, but then he made LEGO's:
Darth Vader's Tie Fighter

and decided he wanted it on his cake. What a relief!!

The Omaha Children's Museum
My kids love coming here. Today they had "The Construction Zone". It was lots of fun and we were able to stay busy for hours.

We do not know the little boy in this picture. He heard me calling the kids to come and he wanted to join us. Jenna loved it!
This is a play area they have upstairs for some added exercise.

A tire structure the girls had a good time climbing on.
Jenna and Megan shopping for some produce in the shopping area.