Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, it all happened one evening.  Megan was at the neighbors playing with her friends RJ and Autumn.  She'd been gone about 30 minutes and there is a knock at the door.  It's my neighbor, Rod, holding Megan who is crying.  He says, "She and RJ were jumping off his bunk bed.  She says her leg and arm hurt.  She won't squeeze my hand, but I don't think it's broken."
I carried her to the kitchen (where I was in the middle of dinner) and put her on the counter.  She sat there crying and cradling her arm.  I gave her Motrin and an ice pack.  She sat there for about 15-20 minutes while I finished making dinner.  She seemed ok, but still moved around very carefully.  By the time Justin got home and we ate dinner (total of an hour), she was almost all better.  I was convinced we were going to go to the Urgent Care and have an X-ray.
Justin thought I was crazy.
We went and I started to doubt my decision, as she was acting normal with some guarding of her wrist.   We got to the office and had the X-ray done.  I knew the tech and she let me look.  I should have been a radiologist because I pointed out the fracture.  Hee hee!!
Distal Radial Fracture or Buckle Fracture
So baby has a broken arm.  I was so relieved when they brought in a splint.  No hard cast for us.  Although Megan threw the biggest fit that lasted about 10 minutes!!
My nurse friends tried to bring in stickers and special tape to help to decorate this ugly black splint.  Still...she was NOT going to have it.  She thought she would look "weird".  How does a 4 year old know that? I finally said, "If you don't wear that, we'll go to another doctor and he'll put one on that you won't be able to take off.  This one we can take off when you have an itch and to wash."  That did it.  She complied and now that the 3 weeks are up, she doesn't want to take it off.  It smells and I am ready for it to be done.  She needs to find her independence again and begin to WIPE herself!!!

Here we are at Skateland PlayDaze the day after.  She stuck around me for the first hour.  Doing the mellow stuff. Then she ventured off and went on the jumping toy and down the slides.  Thanks MOTRIN!!

I never thought she'd actually do this!  She's nuts!

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Clyda and John said...

LOL! I look forward to the days I when I don't have to wipe anyone's bum thank you very much. Glad she is doing better.