Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Temple Square

After our adventure in Park City, we took the high road and went through Salt Lake to get home (to Provo). I am not sure my kids have had the Temple Square experience so we decided to take advantage of where we were and do it. It was a hot day and the kids didn't last as long as we would have liked, but we did it.

Megan is being the example and posing for a picture. This is so not like her. She (as you will see soon) is not one for getting in and smiling without some tears.
Here we are resting in the shade and having a snack.
I love the flowers all over Temple Square.
They are so beautiful!!
Here is Justin giving Megan a pep talk. As you can see she is not willing to sit close to her sister for this picture. She was hot and hungry. We tried to explain if she would cooperate, we'd be done a lot sooner.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer 2010

We took our usual trip to Utah, but this one included a few special events. The first being my 20th High School reunion. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures (I didn't want to carry my camera around with me). It was so much fun seeing so many familiar faces. Although Justin didn't particularly enjoy it, I still had a great time and do not regret attending!! The second big event was to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding anniversary. They did not want a big party, but instead wanted to get us all together to spend a few days in
Park City, Utah
Since we were able to get everyone together, Dad took some pictures of us all. A professional came later to take the "real" pictures, but these are the ones my dad took.
My family
Bert & Sherice's Family
Brent & Kim's Family
All the grand kids with Mom & Dad
I love this silly picture. It was the best!!!

These pictures are of us at Jordanelle Reservoir. We had 3 jet skis which were lots of fun. It was a beautiful day on the lake.

The water was really cold, so Megan enjoyed watching the others from the shore. Ashree took her on a the jet ski, but we couldn't get her to go out again. Too Cold!Tyler swimming with his cousins: Shelby, Madison, and McKenzie.
Nanie and Papa hanging out with Meg in the shade.
Justin and Ashree being pulled by Brian (Justin's cousin). Great times!!
Justin getting Jenna ready to ride.Braxton celebrating victory. Hannah was pitched off!

We stayed in some condos there in Park City.
Here are some random pictures of the fun had by all.
Waking up with cousins readily available was awesome!!
Jenna and Megan sitting with Shayla.Breakfast!
Nice face Ash!!Bert and Sherice making Pancakes.
We did all the cooking in Mom & Dads's condo because it was the biggest. We split up the days and took turns cooking.Megan loves her cousins. She wouldn't leave Housten or Brennon alone.
Here she is getting loves from Housten.Bert with two of his beautiful girls, Madison, 11 (left) and Shelby, 9 (right)

We went to the park to play soccer and volleyball.

One night the girls went to see Twilight: Eclipse at a special preview (awesome by the way) and the boys stayed back and had ribs. Tyler Loves Ribs!!
Here is another picture of them all eating such a "manly" meal!!The kids loved the pool. They would have gone swimming 24/7 if we'd let them.
The start of the pool pictures:
Megan and Brennon in the hot tub
The "Bun-head" table is ready!!!
This is our favorite game.
Tyler wanted to have a ping pong tournament, so he recruited the players, made a bracket and saw it through.
McKean was the champion.
Tyler wanted to have a ping pong tournament. He signed up the players, made a bracket and saw it through to the end. McKean was the winner!