Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is after the grout.
 Just don't notice the yellow floor...I hope that goes soon! :)

Here is the before....

Here is the after...

Here is the new (almost done) back splash! We still need to grout, but have been busy and Justin hasn't felt well the past few days. I have had several requests to post this, so here is where we stand.

I love it! I am so glad I was able to talk Justin into turning the squares to the diagonal. It took A LOT of work. No wonder "Tile workers" charge an extra $1/tile to do this.
Doesn't it look amazing!?!

The grout will be dark like the tile. I can't wait for the complete project!
Next...demo the wall in to a bar and then replace the floor!!

Cottage Cheese Happens!

This is what happens when the cottage cheese container is dropped with the lid off!

It's even up to the ceiling.

Megan loves cottage cheese and will eat it most days.

Megan took this picture herself!