Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our American Idol

Our American Idol....Megan loves to sing. Sometimes instead of talking she'll sing it to you. I am not sure what exactly she is singing about other than she mentions her cat. She is so much fun. We love you Megan.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tyler's Hidden Agenda

For Christmas we got a Wii and with that came rules. Mainly for Tyler. Being 8 he enjoys playing games and watching TV. So we put a few rules into place... One is that he has a time limit, but if someone (in our family) wants a playmate on the Wii that time doesn't count against his time. He has become very creative in how he attempts to manipulate that rule.

One day Jenna was going to go play at her friends house and as she is leaving the house Tyler says, "Jenna, I would have thought you would want Lily to come over and play bowling. You know how much fun Lily has when we bowl!"

Yesterday the girls were going down to watch a movie and Tyler says, "I thought you'd want to play with that thing we got for Christmas since you can watch a movie any time."

Today Tyler is telling me about his Family Home Evening. It's on Sharing. He wrote it himself. He talks of the Glenn family (not sure where that name came from) and they got an XBOX for Christmas. Tommy was playing and when his sister kept asking to play he would tell her "just five more minutes." Tommy's parents told him to let his sister have a turn. What would you do if you were Tommy? I asked him what his activity would be and he said that since there are five of us and only four can bowl then we'd be able to practice sharing by all taking turns. How GENIUS!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Oh... Megan! She is so funny the things that she says and does. I had to blog this because I just read a cute story on Michelle's blog. A few days ago, after the kids had been playing together for 2 long weeks, the girls were downstairs playing so nicely when Jenna starts crying and Megan comes up the stairs. Justin says to her, "Megan, why is Jenna crying?" Megan says, "I was mean to her." (At least she in honest) Justin replies, "Well, you can go back downstairs and play nice or you can go to your room." Megan continues through the dining room (heading to the hallway) and replies, "I go to my room. And NOT shut the door."
Another cute thing: Yesterday Megan was at my sister-in-laws house (Jammie) playing with Brandon (2yrs). After being there for about 20 minutes Jammie calls to tell me that Megan said something funny and she had to call me before she forgot. Apparently Megan wanted to play house and she says to Brandon, "I'll be the Mommy and you be the Honey." Huh?? Where do they come up with these things??

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Morning

It took almost three hours to go through it all.
Megan asked Santa for "lots of Barbies". She got Barbies and a Princess Tea Set. She was very pleased. All Jenna wanted was a Webkin. She didn't care which one. Santa had it easy. I think this is the first year she actually got what she asked for. Hooray for Santa!!

Tyler wanted a Nintendo DS with the game Pet Dogz 2. But his Daddy had to break the news that Santa wasn't going to bring a Nintendo DS because Santa knew that Mommy and Daddy had already bought a big present for the family. So when Christmas morning came, Tyler saw Pet Dogz 2 for the Wii. Tyler figured it out.

WE GOT A Wii!!!!

Justin and I got a few accessories to go along with it for us...
Mario Kart and Guitar Hero.

Here are a few highlights of the day...(I failed to get pictures of the entire family playing the Wii).

What a beautiful Princess! She wore these accessories around for days.


'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

'Twas the night before Christmas ...
For Christmas Eve we spend the night at Grandma & Grandpa's house with all the cousins. We have done this 3 or 4 times and the kids love it. We love this time even though we don't end up with much sleep. Here are the kids in their new PJ's.
*Megan, Tyler, Jenna, Ian, Brandon, Mya is in bed*
To help us remember what Christmas is all about, we watch Luke 2. It was also a great way to help settle them down to go to bed. Although not much can help when you know what is coming the next morning.
I think Tyler had it the worst. He was up 5-6 times. In the end I think Justin and I ended up with 3 hours sleep. Of course it's only one night and it's just as exciting for us!! Our family stayed in the big bedroom in the basement, so each time the kids had to get up to go to the bathroom, we had to shield their view of the tree, so they couldn't see anything until everyone was awake and ready. It was pure torture!!!