Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in Nebraska

Happy Halloween From Nebraska!!
This year we went to hang out with some friends of ours (Strohbehn's, Norlem's, Decker's, and Vaterlaus's). We had a great time. Lots of chili, chips, hot dogs (for the kids, right?) and the usual condiments.
It was really hard to wait to go trick or treating this year. With Day Light Savings, it didn't get dark until 7:00. Is that how it was at your house? Tyler's bag was full before we knew it and Justin ended up pocketing it so he would have room for more. I guess he did the same for Jenna too. I bought several bags of candy to give out here before I realized that we weren't going to be home. Now I have candy coming out of every crevice and cavity.
The kids were so excited this year. It sure is more fun the older they get and that they can use their imagination in deciding what they want to dress up as.
Tyler for example decided on being a slice of Pepperoni and Ham pizza.
His original idea was a puppy dog. After "little" search I told him that I couldn't find any costumes for puppies for big kids, so he needed to think of something else. Plus, I thought he was a little too big for that idea anyway.
This costume is very fitting for him because he'd eat pizza everyday and twice on Thursday. It was an interesting and fun costume to make. It was definitely one of a kind.

Jenna wanted to be Hannah Montana from the very beginning. She got a CD player with Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus CD's for her birthday in August, so she has grown to love her. The hair was quite an ordeal because Jenna has a lot of hair on her own, so getting it to stay on was quite a trick. She was very excited to have make up put on (mascara/eye shadow/blush). She looked adorable. I made a microphone for her (out of a wooden spoon covered in foil and black tape), but when it came down to taking it that night she wasn't interested.

Megan was "Ariel Princess". Her original idea was to be Miley Cyrus. I was game for that, but had no idea where to find a brown wig. I tried to convince the girls to switch. Jenna be Miley and Meg be Hannah, but Jenna wouldn't go for it. After several weeks of thinking I was going to have 2 Hannah Montana's, Megan decided to be Ariel. We went shopping that very night (not for the costume) and guess what she found... an Ariel costume and it was on sale!!
Isn't she adorable??

This is a picture of the girls eating BOO BUDDIE treats that I made and took to Jenna's party. They were a hit! Chocolate pudding/oreos and whipped topping with two mini choc. chips for eyes in the cool whip. You should try it!!


Jennie said...

What cute kiddies!! Hannah Montana made a stop at our house too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the piece of pizza-very cool Tyler!! Brandon loves Ariel, he always wants to watch it. Thanks for sharing- I love that I get to feel like part of your everyday life even though I am 9000 miles away!!
Love ya!!

Palmer family said...

Fun Halloween costumes! The kiddos look great. Those boo buddies sound cute! You are such a fun Mom!

Jenn said...

Great costumes! The kids look great!