Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Trouble

During our trip to Vala's at the beginning of the month, the kids each picked out a pumpkin. After the first 3 days, Megan's little pumpkin started to get nibbled on so we brought it in the house. The following week Jenna's pumpkin was split open and seeds scattered all over the steps. Then were dragged throughout my house.

This past Sunday I started watching the last pumpkin, Tyler's. The squirrels have eaten a hole in the bottom and one in the top. One squirrel was inside for quite some time and came out all wet.
There were about 4-5 squirrels taking turns and fighting for a turn inside the pumpkin. It was very interesting and very sad at the same time. Usually we carve pumpkins for Family Home Evening the week before Halloween. This year, we didn't have any pumpkins left to carve.

I was worried the kids would be upset because they were being eaten, but I guess they figured this was a fun way to "FEED THE SQUIRRELS".


Staying Young in Vegas said...

Those pesky squirrels. It is so crazy the "wildlife" in Omaha suburbs. We have coyotes and some mountain lions very close by, but they hardly ever venture into the neighborhoods! We hear coyotes in the mornings when we run.

Angie said...

WOw...squirrels huh? Too bad about the pumpkins, but I think my kids would feel the same way. They would think it was fun to see the squirrels and not worry so much about their pumpkins getting eaten! Definitely a Halloween to remember... :)

Jenny said...

Poor pumpkins. That had to hurt, the mark the squirrels left looks pretty big!

Kerolann said...

I had another friend whose pumpkins got eaten by the squirrels. It looks like you got a little entertainment out of it, if not jack-o-lanterns.

Palmer family said...

I sure do miss all those cute squirrels that roam around Omaha! We have some around here which I love, but not as many as there. I saw a fox a couple blocks from my home the other day----kinda scary!