Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Megan is 5

I almost forgot to post pictures of Megan's 5th birthday!
Every year the kids get a very special birthday breakfast!
I can't believe she will start Kindergarten next year. What will I do with my day? No one to ask where we are going? And where after that? And after that? She is always in the know!
That made doing the Pinata a little difficult. I was scrambling at the last minute to clean out the garage so we could hang it by the garage door opener.
She was so excited to pick out what "toy" she could put on her cake. I was very relieved she decided on this because originally it was supposed to be a castle cake.
We upgraded Meg's bike too! She was riding around, on two wheels, on a little bike. She needed this one since she has really grown. She is almost as tall as Jenna!!

We love you Meg! You are so much fun to have around. You keep us busy and laughing.

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Jenny said...

Cute cute! Happy Birthday Megan.