Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Camping

We went camping this past weekend to Memphis State Park here in Nebraska. Who knew there was a Memphis, Nebraska? Anyway, it was an Elder's Quorum Camp out. We decided it had been too long since we'd gone (7 years).
About 9:45pm it started to sprinkle. Uh-oh!! Everyone hurried in to their tents and it began to Pour!! Lots of thunder and lightening. Unfortunately, our tent (that we borrowed from some very generous friends) had not had it's seams sealed (they had not yet used it) and it dripped on us. Water came in through the rain-fly and through the zippers. We had puddles everywhere! Tyler and Megan had it the worst. Their bags were quite wet. We finally got to sleep after 1:30am. Waking up every so often of course. Then up for good at 6:30.
Surprisingly everyone was quite chipper.
Breakfast was very yummy! Donuts, bacon, pancakes, eggs, fruit...
couldn't ask for anything more!! Notice the bacon Megan has stuck in her teeth. What a GOOF!

There was little turtles, little frogs and BIG frogs or toads. We found one that had been squooshed on the road. It was pretty cool. Anyway, the kids and adults had a great time fishing on the lake. I think everyone that wanted to was able to catch at least one fish.
Tyler and Justin
Scott and Tyler showing the food chain...little fish gets eaten by BIG fish!
Jenna and her primary teacher Maquel Welch hunting for little snails.
Jenna came home with a handfull.
Scott graciously holding the fish that Jenna caught. He's a true fisherman! Me holding Megan's fish. (Mommy doesn't touch fish) Never has. Even as a kid my dad always faked the hold for me :)Scott showing Bennett the fish.
Daniel and Brandon showing off their fish!Thanks to everyone who made this camping trip a success. It was so much fun! Now we can go out and buy our own tent and this time plan around the weather!!


Ash Att said...

how fun!! that is crappy about the rain though, but everything else seems so fun! love you :)

Staying Young in Vegas said...

I miss those EQ camping trips...so much fun. And of course you always have to be prepared for the rain.

Missy said...

You've officially made me jealous. Sounds like you've had a way fun summer. We'll probably be seeing you at Dr. Kaufmans sometime soon. Actually, next Wed if you're working!

Nebraska Nelsons said...

Sounds like you guys had quite the party! I'm glad we can keep up with your cute family! Marielle