Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trapping a Bunny?

I found the kids out this morning rigging up this contraption...a block's box, a twig, and some veggies. They found a bunny in the yard (which is VERY common in Nebraska) and they decided they would trap it.
There is a twig holding the lid up in place. Inside is a leaf of lettuce and some carrots. They are convinced that the bunny will go in to get the food and move the twig therefore closing the lid to the box and trapping the bunny inside. What a great idea!! They positioned it next to the bushes in the front yard and we then left for a few hours to run some errands.
They were so excited to come back to see if they had something. Tyler and Jenna very quietly crept up on the box. Tyler hurried and closed the lid since he was sure there was a bunny inside. NOPE! No bunny. They were very disappointed. They said that some of the food was gone. Probably one of the pesky squirrels. I am glad they had fun.


Ash Att said...

thats so cute!! awww i love them:)

Angie said...

So funny! What would they have DONE with the bunny if they did catch it? lol...My girls would want it as a pet, I'm sure... ;)

Tiffany said...

That is really cute, they are ingenious kids. Happy belated birthday to you, hope it was a good one.