Monday, January 12, 2009

Tyler's Hidden Agenda

For Christmas we got a Wii and with that came rules. Mainly for Tyler. Being 8 he enjoys playing games and watching TV. So we put a few rules into place... One is that he has a time limit, but if someone (in our family) wants a playmate on the Wii that time doesn't count against his time. He has become very creative in how he attempts to manipulate that rule.

One day Jenna was going to go play at her friends house and as she is leaving the house Tyler says, "Jenna, I would have thought you would want Lily to come over and play bowling. You know how much fun Lily has when we bowl!"

Yesterday the girls were going down to watch a movie and Tyler says, "I thought you'd want to play with that thing we got for Christmas since you can watch a movie any time."

Today Tyler is telling me about his Family Home Evening. It's on Sharing. He wrote it himself. He talks of the Glenn family (not sure where that name came from) and they got an XBOX for Christmas. Tommy was playing and when his sister kept asking to play he would tell her "just five more minutes." Tommy's parents told him to let his sister have a turn. What would you do if you were Tommy? I asked him what his activity would be and he said that since there are five of us and only four can bowl then we'd be able to practice sharing by all taking turns. How GENIUS!!!


Clyda and John said...

LOL! That is hilarious. I love how is little mind was working. You can tell Tyler we will come over and play on the Wii anytime he is looking for a partner. Thanks for the laugh.

Ash Att said...

hahah oh how my cousins are so funny!!! tell them hi for me :)

Jennie said...

He's a thinker! Great FHE lesson! Too funny.

Wagonerds said...

Nice to know that children are getting smarter as they come. I have one of those who manipulates the younger ones to get more computer time. Must be an oldest child thing! Thats great. At least he is looking into family time.

Tiffany said...

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