Thursday, January 8, 2009


Oh... Megan! She is so funny the things that she says and does. I had to blog this because I just read a cute story on Michelle's blog. A few days ago, after the kids had been playing together for 2 long weeks, the girls were downstairs playing so nicely when Jenna starts crying and Megan comes up the stairs. Justin says to her, "Megan, why is Jenna crying?" Megan says, "I was mean to her." (At least she in honest) Justin replies, "Well, you can go back downstairs and play nice or you can go to your room." Megan continues through the dining room (heading to the hallway) and replies, "I go to my room. And NOT shut the door."
Another cute thing: Yesterday Megan was at my sister-in-laws house (Jammie) playing with Brandon (2yrs). After being there for about 20 minutes Jammie calls to tell me that Megan said something funny and she had to call me before she forgot. Apparently Megan wanted to play house and she says to Brandon, "I'll be the Mommy and you be the Honey." Huh?? Where do they come up with these things??


Jenny said...

Well Mommy how is the honey doing anyway! That is so funny, Justin looks like a honey!

Jennie said...

She is so funny! I bet she keeps you on your toes!!

Ash Att said...

HAHAHAHA THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!!! oh i love my cousins! lol