Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Quilt

My First Quilt!!
I can't believe I finally got around to using my old jeans. I have had this tote full of old jeans, both kids and adult sizes just waiting for the day when someone would inspire me and help me to get this accomplished. My mom surprised me and bought some red bandanna material which went well with a pair of Jenna's jeans that I wanted to use the pockets and designs on the bottom of her pants.
Here is the center of the Full size quilt. I arranged the designs from the Jeans and pockets so we could use the pockets if needed.
Here is a close up of the binding, which I lOVE!!! Thanks to all my friends who helped me with this. You are truly inspiring.
Now...for the next project. Tyler wants one made out of football teams.
We'll see what fun I can have with that one.


Jennie said...

SO CUTE!! You did a great job-she will love that forever!

Clyda and John said...

yeah you got the photos up. It turned out way cute! Have fun with the next one.

Nebraska Nelsons said...

So darling! You and Clyda are going strong! Someday maybe I'll get back to a few projects. Marielle

Jenny said...

I love love love quilts! I love stripes for binding!!!! NICE JOB