Friday, October 1, 2010

Horses vs. Cats

My friend, Brenda, took us to see her horses. It was a nice stable out in the country on a gorgeous night. Inside she showed us where the horses stay and how to take care of them. She got out her horse, Maggie. The girls are shown here brushing her.
She was so big. It's been a long time since I've been around a horse and this is the first for the girls. They were a bit timid at first, but warmed up as time went on.
They are getting a lesson on how to clean out her hooves. They declined the offer to help.
Since the girls were afraid, I had to show them how it was done. It's been some 20 years since I've been on a horse. It was fun, but very intimidating. I may have to go try that again soon. I was reminded of an experience in which a close friend (whose name I will not say) had a very comical yet scary experience on a horse some 20+ years ago in which she was riding on the side of the horse along a trail. The saddle was falling off.
After Jenna saw me doing it, she got the courage up and let Brenda lead us around the arena. She was a bit scared, but I am so proud of her for doing it.
Next, we went to the neighbors to see Eli. Eli looks just like Black Beauty.
Long mane. Hairy feet. Absolutely gorgeous!!
Then the girls decided they were done and ready to go find all the cats that were in the stables. I am not sure how many there were, but they were in heaven.
Jenna took this picture of a mother cat who was hiding with her little kittens.
I found one and Jenna was able to hold it briefly. It was so adorable. Almost made me want to take him home. Almost...
Jenna took this picture while I was off riding Maggie.


Jennie said...

Hee hee-saddle on the side of a horse! How fun for you guys to be able to go see those beautiful horses!

Ash Att said...

how fun!! jenna and meg are so stinkin cute. good to see you all had a fun time! love you!!