Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First Day of School - 2010

The First Day of School
I can't believe it's here. The kids were excited, although the older ones wouldn't admit it.

Tyler starts 5th Grade with Mrs. Houser.
Jenna begins 3rd Grade with Mrs. Lima
Megan starts Kindergarten (yes I said it!) with Miss Salisbury
Megan was so excited to start school.
Here she is standing in front of her locker.
I think Megan was ready for me to go. She just sat down, put her drink next to her and started to work on her puzzle. For those of you who know Megan can attest to her "fussy-side." Well, she did not show it at all today when dropping her off. She was a CHAMP! No fussying. No clinging to my leg. No tears. I on the other hand could not get out of the school fast enough! I have been so excited for this day and now it has finally come and I am sad.
On to life's new adventure....


Ash Att said...

oh how cute are they! i love my lil cousins.

Jennie said...

Wahooo!! Off to do something JUST FOR YOU! Love you!

Angie said...

School already?? Wow! They are so cute...Funny when you think they're going to act one way, and then they surprise you!