Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year, we (my parents and I) decided to go somewhere instead of hanging out at home some more. Justin is busy at this time every year, so using my parents time share, we got a condo at the closest place to Omaha... Panora, Iowa! I know you are intrigued. It was very nice and cold of course, but it was a different place and we had a blast!!
One of the perks of our stay was the kids got to enjoy some crafts. These bowls hold all the colors of the rainbow in sand. The kids chose their picture and began creating.
The did a very good job!
Crafting with Nanie!!
We took a trip to Des Moines, Iowa to visit the Science Center. WOW!! What an amazing place. The kids had fun for hours. This is a giant blow dryer holding a beach ball in the air.
Here is an area where the kids could make paper airplanes and then shoot them off.
Megan was convinced that the more tape she used the better it would turn out.
Jenna getting ready to shoot hers off.

A day at the Bowling Alley



Jennie said...

How Fun!!! Glad you had a great Spring Break! Call me about Vegas-I'm getting excited and nervous about reservations and such.

Tiffany said...

sounds like a fun vacation. Actually I love Des Moines. We visited family there once and I had a blast. Iowa is kind of fun.